'Pass Plus' is a training scheme offered to all new drivers. It's more than a few extra lessons and is a specially designed DVSA course set up with the help of the insurance and driving instruction industry.

It helps build on the new skills you have learnt while still being under expert tuition and can save you money on car insurance premiums.
The 'PassPlus' course consists of six practical modules which cover driving and need yo be taken in the first year of passing your driving test and this could be taken in your own vehicle if you wish:

• in town
• in all weather
• on rural roads
• at night
• on dual carriageways
• driving on motorways
There is no test at the end, but I will be continually assessing your driving and must be able to show that you have satisfactorily completed all the modules to an achieved or exceeded standard. In exceptional circumstances, if a module cannot be covered on the road, it will be completed in a theory session.

I am a registered 'Pass Plus' instructor and am convinced this course is an excellent way of extending your driving experience by promoting confident, skilled and careful driving skills.

For more information, please visit 'Pass Plus' at www.direct.gov.uk or be in touch.